AlUla Station was an important stop along the legendary Hijaz Railway, a single-track line which ran 1,300 km between Damascus and Medina. Completed in 1907 thousands of travelers and pilgrims passed through the station, and some remained to forge new local communities. After
the end of the fi rst World War, the station was reused as a public Town Hall and offi ces of the governing Saudi Amir. Today, the area has been developed to be AlUla’s newest gathering place, under the name of AlManshiyah Plaza, the area displays a lively community with restaurants, cafes, playgrounds, communal areas, and live cultural performances on weekends. After the careful restoration of the ancient Hijaz Railway, AlManshiyah Plaza is a breath of new life in this historic AlUla neighbourhood.


AlUla Old Town encompasses exceptional heritage sites and evokes a deep sense of emotion given its history, where as recent as the 1980s when the last of its residents left. Located in the narrowest part of the AlUla Valley and surrounded by an oasis of fertile land, it was established in the 12th Century becoming an essential settlement along the pilgrimage route from Damascus to Mecca. Today the Old Town is an active tourism hotspot, providing the opportunity to learn about life in this settlement and meet the friendly, welcoming locals. Over 900 traditional mud brick houses have been identifi ed including 400 shops and 5 rabhas or town squares. Visitors can explore the incense road market, featuring crafts and goods made by a variety of local artisans and entrepreneurs, as well as cafes and more. AlUla Old Town Village, along with its neighboring areas of AlJadidah Arts District and the Cultural Oasis, has been recognised as one of the World’s best Tourism Villages in 2022 by the UNWTO.


The Nabataean site of Hegra was the southern most capital of the Nabataean Kingdom, dating back to the first century BCE. Today, visitors can find more than 110 beautifully-preserved monumental tombs that remain, most with elaborate facades carved from rock formations that are scattered throughout this immense landscape


In Arabic ‘Maraya’ means mirrors. The building is serving as a multi-purpose concert and entertainment venue in AlUla. Designed by designer Florian Boje of Gio Forma, Milan, Maraya was inspired by the landscape in the same way that the landscape has inspired architecture and art for civilisations from the Nabataeans through to this day. Located at the Ashar Valley precinct, Maraya hosted world-class concerts from world renowned artists such as OneRepublic, John Legend, Alicia Keys, Andrea Bocelli to name a few as well as local and regional artists. The venue also hosted world business events such as the GCC Summit in January 2021 and the prestigious Hegra Conference of Nobel Laurates and Friends in June 2022 and AlUla World Archaeology Summit in September 2023.


The airport commenced operations on October 31, 2011, with the inaugural Saudia fl ight arriving from Riyadh. In March 2021, the General Authority of Civil Aviation in Saudi Arabia granted permission for international fl ights to land at the airport. The airport's annual capacity has been expanded from 100,000 to 400,000 passengers. Plans underway to build a second terminal to expand the travelers capacity to 6 million per year on the airport’s land spanning 2.4 million square meters.


One of the largest of the fi ve nature reserves in AlUla. It is home to 19 species of endangered animals, and 43 types of birds, including 8 bird of prey varieties. The reserve also has 55 kinds of rare plants. Harrat Uwayrid has joined a UNESCO program aimed at enhancing the relationship between people and their environments.


It has been designated as a Nature Reserve, showcasing Saudi Arabia's dedication to preserving the earth's natural environment. This reserve sets a new standard in the region for ecological balance and protection of fragile ecosystems. Its primary objective is to safeguard and interconnect vital habitats that contribute signifi cantly to the conservation of biodiversity in the area. By preserving, restoring, and strengthening native vegetation, habitats, and fauna, including endangered species, the reserve aims to maintain the precious natural equilibrium of the biota and desert environment. With its breathtaking red-rock canyons, steep ravines, expansive valleys, and scattered rocky formations, the Sharaan Nature Reserve offers a diverse habitat that allows for the reintroduction of native species in conditions mirroring their natural surroundings. The reserve will be also home to the critically endangered species of the Arabian Leopard, as part of Royal Commission for AlUla’s efforts focused on the conservation of natural heritage of the region.


A spacious and serene park situated near the historic site of Hegra. It offers a wonderful opportunity to unwind and immerse in the natural splendor of the area. The Winter Park boasts various amenities, such as a children's playground, a swimming pool, and a selection of restaurants and cafes. Additionally, the Winter Park Visitor Center provides an enriching experience to delve deeper into the history and culture of AlUla. Visitors also have the option to reserve their daily heritage site tours at the visitor center and board the designated buses at Winter Park. With its well-maintained trails, visitors can indulge in hiking or biking, while the lush green spaces are perfect for picnics. Whether it's exploring the visitor center, enjoying a meal, taking a refreshing swim, or letting the children have fun in the playground,
Winter Park has something for everyone to enjoy.


Launched in 2023, AlMughayra Heritage Sports Village serves as a dedicated venue for hosting traditional sporting events and competitions, including camel racing, and falconry, among other heritage sports. Situated approximately 15 kilometers from AlUla city, the village
spans an expansive area of 100,000 square meters. It showcases a range of sports facilities, such as a camel racing track, and falconry arena. Additionally, the village will encompass a training center for traditional sports.


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